Study Finds 9 Percent Americans Would Have Sex With A Robot

Robots are being made to assist or support humans and make their life easy. Apart from getting help from robots, what do people want to do with them? According to a new study almost every 1 out of 10 people would like to have sex with a robot!

Sex With Robot

The Huffington Post and YouGov collaborated on a very important poll on 1,000 U.S. adults meant to measure the attitudes of Americans towards robots. The results were pretty much interesting.

About 33 percent people said they wouldn’t mind having a robot servant. Though senior citizens prefer human help than robots for personal tasks, 22 percent people said that if they had an aging friend or relative, then they would love to keep a robot to look after them. On the other side, 58 percent of Americans said that robots will be cleaning their homes by 2030 and 48 percent of people indicated that they believe robots will be able to fight in the military by 2030. The most interesting thing according to the poll was 9 percent of Americans said they would “have sex with a robot if they could.”

Source: Huffington Post

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  1. Tsais

    If you can’t find a real person for assistance…

    Well, and you can turn them off.

    But there’s also the chance of accidental electric shock.
    decisions, decisions…

  2. Asif2BD

    This article already got 600+ Facebook likes. Thats proves the point that people are really crazy about Robotic relation. 😀

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