Intel Partnering With Apple To Build Chips For Next-gen iPhone

Intel is reportedly producing a system-on-chip (SoC) for the next generation iPhone, according to a news published today by VentureBeat. Most probably Apple has teamed up with Intel for 7360 LTE modem chip.


The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus both got Qualcomm’s 9X45 LTE chip. Qualcomm is currently supplying modems for all of Apple’s product. Current Apple is looking for Intel’s 7360 LTE modem which is expected to start shipping by the end of this year. So that Apple can use this chip to manufacturing the next iPhone. Intel is taking its partnership with Apple as great opportunity to its future in the mobile industry. As Apple is a very importunate client with huge scale production, that is why Intel may have over 1,000 employees working on this project currently.


Image Source: Apple Insider

It’s important to mention that Intel has not fully reach any agreement with Apple yet. Because Apple is waiting to be sure if Intel can reach all of the milestone on this project before officially signing the agreement.

However, this system-on-a-chip setup could deliver astonishing return in improved speed and at the same time, it will carry the better power management. Intel will have pulled a large step toward being a major player in the smartphone industry and the powerful competitor Qualcomm.

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