Best Free VR Games For HTC Vive That You Can Play Right Now

Games You Have to Play on your HTC Vive Headset
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We know how hard it is to find that one game that you can play for hours. Don’t worry! This is the only HTC Vive Games List you will need to check before finding that one game you just can’t stop playing.

Best Free HTC Vive Games

From story-driven games to free roaming games, here is our list for the best free VR games for HTC Vive. All the games in the list are free, so don’t hesitate to pause reading and have a short trial of the games. Ready, let’s start then!

The Lab

It is a combination of eight distinct short games which offer eight different experiences. Each individual game within the Lab will give you a different vibe. You will have a cute companion throughout the game- a robot dog. And here is a quick tip, the Robot Dog loves belly rubs.

Rec Room

You will find yourself in a Social Sports club with other players. You can hang out with other players and interact with them. And here is a little heads up for you, not all the interactions will be pleasant. Apart from interacting with friends in a virtual space, you get to play different small games with friends such as paintball, disc golf, and dodgeball.

VR Funhouse

VR Funhouse is the first game created by Nvidia for Vive. This is almost similar to The Lab. It fits perfectly into the mix and match genre of VR games.


Consider Engage as an interactive educational game. This game might be best suited for kids. Teachers can record their lectures and upload them so that their students can view the videos in their free time. Teachers and Students can interact with each other through this platform as well. Teachers can take their students into a virtual trip into the Titanic or a Virtual Human Skeleton.


This is a perfect example of how VR can be used for storytelling. Allumette is a 30-minute Stop-Motion film. The players have control over the camera, which means they control the visuals. Players can choose to look around or follow the story or both.

Compared with VR rollercoaster games, Allumette might appear a bit too flat. But remember, the purpose of Allumette is to tell a story.

Wrapping Up!

Before we wrap up this article, here is a bonus for you. Google Earth for VR is not a game but it is fun no doubt.

Who hasn’t used Google Earth? It is the best Mapping application ever built. You might be used to using the application on your Desktop or SmartPhone. But using the application through a VR Headset will not fail to give you goosebumps.

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