Feel the Terror of Roller Coasters in VR

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Rollercoasters have been the subject of much fascination for decades now. Not only in the real world but also in the virtual! Just imagine your surrounding objects rushing past you as you take a 50-foot drop. Here is our pick for the top VR Roller Coaster Apps.

VR Roller Coaster Apps

Atlantis: Infinite Coaster (Oculus Rift)

Do you fantasize about having a unique Roller Coaster ride everytime you put on your VR Headset? Then, Atlantis: Infinite Coaster is the perfect pick for you. You will never get the same ride twice with this app.

And you would be more surprised that this app was not developed by a software engineer, but rather by a Physicist.

Chunks (HTC Vive)

Chunks is a Minecraft themed Roller Coaster app. If you are a Minecraft fan, then you should definitely try this app. And if you are thinking that you can build your own Roller Coaster track with this app then you are absolutely right! Every player can build their own Tracks with precise details.


In fact, you can sketch a Roller Coaster Track with Vive’s controller. You can then unleash the coaster onto the track or blow it up with explosives.

Cmoar Roller Coaster VR (Google Cardboard / Android / iOS)

Do you like a lot of variation? Do you like to take a ride through the caves, onto the canyons, and over flaming pits?


Then Cmoar Roller Coaster VR is the perfect pick for you. It is a four-minute Roller Coaster ride.

Cosmic Roller Coaster (Google Cardboard / Android)

Have you been fascinated by space all your life? Unfortunately, there is no roller Coaster in real life that will take you through the Galaxy sliding past the planets. but in the virtual there is!

With Cosmic Roller Coaster you can take a trip through the galaxy, listening to cosmic music, blasting into the rings of Saturn! You can also fly by the human-made space stations.

Wrapping Up!

Have you already used an app mentioned in this blog! Please share your thoughts with us. In the meantime here is a quick blog on Must-Have iPhone Apps For Fun AR Experience!

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