Top Educational App for Kids with Autism/disabilities

According to a report by World Health Organization, there are over a Billion people worldwide who face some form of disability. A major portion of this figure consists of mainly children. As growing up, they might find it hard to capture different concepts taught at school. They might also find themselves in a segregated setting in class. But with the proper Educational App they can easily reach their potential.

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Educational App

Although people with disabilities, both Kids and Adults, might find it difficult to go about doing regular chores or homework, it’s a wrong concept that they are not capable of competing with their peers. They might take longer time and double the effort. But with the right assisting tools, they can reach their potential.

Avaz FreeSpeech

Avaz FreeSpeech is an ideal Educational App for anyone with language impairment. This App helps to learn and practice Grammar skills. The interface of this App is very easy,  drag and rearrange picture tiles, and FreeSpeech will convert them into a perfectly grammatical English sentence.

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Rogervoice helps anyone with hearing impairments. This Educational App is particularly useful when people with hearing impairment has to attend calls. Rogervoice subtitles phone calls in real-time. Call anyone, and get a real-time transcription of the conversation. Meet the fastest, most reliable and versatile call captioning app on the market.

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MyTalk Mobile (free)- image detection. Vocal

MyTalkTools Mobile is a good solution for people with down syndrome, cerebral palsy, hearing or visual impairments, autism or other diagnoses that impair communication ability. It supports users, teachers, therapists, caregivers and parents with many innovative features.

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NACD Apraxia Apps

Apraxia is a product of collaboration efforts by NACD(National Association of Child Development) and BlueWhaleApps. There are a total of four Apps they developed. This series of 4 Speech Therapy iPad apps are a convenient, effective tool for children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech/dyspraxia.

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Articulation Station Vocal

Artilucation Station Vocal helps children as well as adults learn to speak and pronounce their sounds more clearly. This Educational App offers practicing at the WORD, PHRASE, SENTENCE and STORY levels all in one app!

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uSound is not Hearing Aid in the general sense. This Educational App is more like a personal Sound Amplifier for people with hearing impairments. It is ideal for situations like Listening to a lesson at school, participating of a conversation at lunch time / friends meeting or family, Participating of a work meeting, Listening to a conference, Listening to a movie at home.

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Desteria helps both Kids and Children with motor skills and handwriting readiness. Dexteria’s unique hand and finger activities take full advantage of the iOS multi-touch screen to help build strength, control, and dexterity.

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Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes helps connect people with visual impairments and volunteers around the world who have the time to help. Blind and low vision users can request help from a sighted volunteer, who is notified on their phone. As soon as the first volunteer accepts the request for help, a live audio-video connection is established between the two parties. Through the blind or low vision user’s rear-facing camera, the volunteer can see the item or subject the user needs assistance with and provide the visual description he or she needs.

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Learn Braille Alphabet

Braille alphabet is widely used by blind people. With Learn Braille Alphabet application, children and adults can learn how to speak, listen and write Braille alphabets at your own pace.

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The Wheelmap iPhone App is the mobile app for, an open, free and online map of the world for wheelchair-accessible places. Using this Educational App you can find, mark and add accessible and less accessible public places on a virtual map. With the information provided, mobility-impaired people can easily find out which underground stations, restaurants, cafés or clubs around them are accessible and which are not.

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Wrapping Up!

The listed Educational App above cover a wide range of possible impairments/disabilities a person can suffer from. It includes Apps for Hearing, visual, speaking impairments. It also includes Apps for people with hand motor impairments and walking impairments.

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