Get in Shape Faster Using Artificial Intelligence With Dr. Muscle

Dr. Muscle is like a personal trainer in your phone that’s 10 times cheaper than a human trainer, always up to date, and available anytime, anywhere. Now as soon as you Download and Install this App, it will suggest a workout plan for you. But there is a difference between how this App operates and how other apps operate.

Dr. Muscle

While using other Fitness Apps, you start off by selecting a Workout plan, and that happens if you are lucky and have selected the right App. Some Apps don’t even have the option of selecting a personal plan. So, after one month of sticking to that plan, you need to level up, right? But most Fitness Apps don’t tell you when you need to level up, you need to do it manually. But Dr. Muscle will inform you when it’s time to level up.

This App Guides You Like a Personal Trainer

Now if you have previously used a Trainer you know how easy it gets to stick to a fitness plan. You are constantly reminded of your goals, you get cheered when you ace it and get booed when you don’t. Also, a trainer gets to check your Body vitals each day, thus being able to track your fitness.

Dr. Muscle does something similar. In fact, this App is the perfect alternative to a Personal Trainer. This App applies the expertise of an experienced trainer and the science behind fitness. After you level up, the App asks you how hard it was for you. Depending on your answer it will then fine tune the Workout Plan.

If you intend to use the App for Home Workout, it will show you a plan accordingly. Similarly, if you tell the App you are going to use a Gym, it will present Workout Plans accordingly. This means this App will show you Workout plans suited for Home Workout, Gym Workout or Home Gym Workout.

Another aspect to Workout, where the App outperforms human Trainers is it regularly incorporates findings from research. So the next time you see any research done on Rest-Pause workout, Progression or Overload, you can expect to find those findings incorporated into the Dr. Muscle App.

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Wrapping Up!

Dr. Muscle works on all iPhones, Android phones, and tabletsSo even if you change your phone, you’ll still have your workout data. Most of us think sticking to a workout plan must be very hard, that’s why we don’t even try. But who said you have to start hard, you can go slowly and level up as you grow. You can start at home with just your body weight. Get a few pairs of dumbbells, and you can do the home gym programs. More advanced? Dr. Muscle can guide you in the most hardcore of gyms as well.

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