Google Launches ‘Gboard’ Keyboard For iOS With Built-In Search Features

Google has launched a brand new keyboard app ‘Gboard’ for iOS which is featuring a built-in search functionality, GIF lookup, gesture typing and much more. Following the Microsoft’s latest Word Flow keyboard, now Google Gboard is available on App Store for everyone.

Google Launches 'Gboard' For iOS With Built-In Search Features
Google Launches ‘Gboard’ For iOS With Built-In Search Features

With this regular keyboard, any text message that needs to looking up information and data that would involve you to actually leave the messaging app for the browsing and search. Gboard is iOS keyboard app which will let you search over the internet without any browser. There was a rumor about this Google keyboard that it’s been under development from the starting of this year and it has come out as the accurate report.

Using this app, you can search and send anything from Google including nearby stores, restaurants, Videos or image, weather forecasts, news, articles, Sports scores or anything else that you would like to search on Google.

Gboard GIF Search

Along with the search browser free search functionality, Gboard can offer word tracing. You can also search GIF and Emoji for sending the best reaction. It has got Glide Typing feature that lets you type faster by sliding the finger from a letter to another.

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