Google Introduces ‘Spaces’- A Small & Easy Group Sharing App

Google has released a new messaging and group sharing app called ‘Spaces’ on this Monday. The Google Spaces will let you create a space and within that space, you share a link, image, and status with your selected people.

 Google Spaces

Group conversations are usually tough to follow the topic as different people keep talking about different things, the topic gets changed with endless threads. So keeping track on a group conversation and ensure the original purpose of the conversation is quite difficult. Same things happen in messaging apps. For example, you have shared something very special with your loved one or your friends’ circle in the message. Now what do you want, saving that message and your friend’s reaction for future memory or you want to lose it within millions of text that you will send later on?

 Google Spaces

That’s what happen when we share some link, picture or message. Even if we want to save the memory or particular conversation or a link that you shared and your friend replied something that moved you, still we just lost it with loads of our new conversation.

 Google Spaces

Google brings this Spaces app to give you better group sharing experience. It’s pretty simple and easy to share articles, links, videos, and images without switching the app as it has built in Google Search, YouTube, and Chrome extension. You can create a space for any topic you want and invite people to join you via messaging, email, Facebook or you can just share the link to that particular ‘Space’. Anyone with the link of your space will be able to view and share their links, image or anything.

 Google Spaces

From your Chrome brwoser, you can add Spaces Extension and share a web page or anything else in your particular Space by just one click. Google Spaces is already available for Android, iOS, desktop as well as mobile web. You can download it from the link given below and give it a try.

Google Spaces: Download Now

App Store: Click Here
Play Store: Click Here


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