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[Review] How To Manage Your Business With Nano Enterprise in Mac

There are a lot of mobile apps and games in the App Store, whereas worthy Mac apps are hard to discover. Right now we want you to take a look on a very specific but neat tool for your business. It’s called Nano Enterprise Management in which you may manage your small business for selling of goods or services. In other words, if you have a saloon, car repair station or pet store, then this application is going to be useful to you.

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Using this app will enable you to discover everything for managing a small enterprise – from account management and procurement control to assigning of tasks for employees, services management, inventory control etc. It has simple and clear for navigation interface with a convenient navigation sidebar on the left and the main toolbar on the right.

The advantage of using the Nano Enterprise Management application is not just limited with issuing an invoice or keeping track of received funds. Work with services is greatly implemented in a separate module of the app called “Service Booking”. You may check the calendar of staff, services and number of workplaces for which the exact service is provided. You will also discover an additional feature to learn, which task is assigned to exact employee, where it is served and so on.

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Nano Enterprise application can be used in a case that if you have a car repair station, which is quite a good business with the ongoing number of clients. You may face a huge list of services for this business (from changing the oil filter to spare parts replacement) which is difficult to keep in mind without a proper track record. Each car is assigned to a concrete engineer – consequently you need to keep track of customers visit. You can also offer some discount and bonuses to the loyal clients on some product such as: oil, first-aid kit and other equipment needed for a car.

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That all can be managed through Nano Enterprise Management settings where you choose “Technicial-Services” and “Technical-Workplace” bars. With their help you will be aware of employees tasks and workplace schedule.

Another advantage is that for trying this Mac program you are not obliged to get registered or pay for annual subscription , the developer let’s you use the application in full with one-time purchase. Also the application works with local database. You may keep track of your sales, debtors list, revenues and build the structure of sales as well as easily manage other sales-related operations directly from your Mac. Database will show the client name, amount, date, status of the order and other specific parameters.

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One more feature we want to focus your attention on is Products catalog where a user may set a specification and price per order of complex goods like car, furniture, computer etc. In the product list, product details are offered by app automatically as for examples overall look of the sofa depends on the lining.

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All the lists and reports may be exported into .csv and .xls format. Samples of printed forms are kept in the Documents folder. Applications in html-format are also editable. After installment of Nano Enterprise app you may review demo-data for having a clear idea of how the app works. As soon as your review those data, you may remove it and upload your own database.

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If you need setting of taxes percentage – the system contains a measure that regulates it. The developer managed to create the most functional and simple navigation with a modern interface for it.

Nano Enterprise Management can be also found in the mobile version for your iPhone or iPad with an option to synchronizing the database from your iCloud. So if you are looking for a reliable assistant for your small business, this app is just for you. It can be downloaded from the Mac Store with the following link.

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