Top 5 Apps To Read Comic Books From Your Smartphone

Reading comics is always fun but if you want to carry a ton of great reads with you, then you have to keep searching. We have put together top 5 apps that will give you the best comic reading experience right from your smartphone.


Carrying books is really tough in this twenty-first century. Besides, finding the right comic book and then get it into your smartphone is too much hassle that we do not want you to have. Our amazing list of 5 apps can be right away for FREE in your Apple or Android device and you can enjoy reading comic books with out any struggle.

1. Marvel Comics


Marvel Comics is a revolutionary app to experience the Marvel Universe on your smart device which is featuring the world’s most popular super heroes and you can read any of comics for free.

iTunes Link: Click Here
Android Link: Click Here

2. DC Comics


DC Comics allows you to read from a wide variety of characters and genres. You can read your favorite and World’s Greatest Super Heroes including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and many many more .

iTunes Link: Click Here
Android Link: Click Here

3. Dark Horse Comics


Dark Horse Comics offers you to read the vast collection of 3000+ comics which included Aliens, Aliens vs. Predator, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Baltimore, Beasts of Burden,Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Conan, Doctor Solar, Dr. Horrible, Dragon Age, Emily the Strange, The Fifth Beatle, Grendel, Grooand more.

iTunes Link: Click Here
Android Link: Click Here

4. Sonic Comics


Sonic Comics features almost 50 Sonic issues. This app is a family friendly, safe application which has some of your favorite characters!

iTunes Link: Click Here
Android Link: Click Here

5. Manga Rock – Best Manga Reader


Manga Rock is the best manga reader where you can discover, read, and download thousands of manga for FREE. There is huge collection of thousands of manga from 24 sources, in 7 languages. In addition, they will recommended manga based on what you read.

iTunes Link: Click Here
Android Link: Click Here

Now that you have seen the top 5 collection of us, let us know your favorite one. Happy reading!

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