Top iPhone Games Apps That You Don’t Want to Miss in 2019 [Free]

Who doesn’t like playing games? Games are a great way to relieve stress as well as pass free time. And with each passing day, the graphics and game-play of Mobile Games are becoming more and more interactive and hi-tech. Luckily there are hundreds of Free iPhone Games on iTunes. All the more reason to have a favorite game that you want to store on your phone.

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Tappy Cat – Rhythm Collector

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Cats are cute, but can they play music too? Play the thumb and paw-friendly tree guitar by tapping inside music bubbles before they fly away. Earn fish as you build up perfect streaks. Lure stray cats to appear by mastering their favorite songs and give them lots of fish. Can you find them all?

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Finger Smash

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Need a fast and fun game for your fingers? Get them smashing NOW. The more you smash, the higher the score. Smash your way through fruit, robots, sushi and more in each round to score.

Satellina Zero

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In this fast-paced, addictive follow-up to the indie hit Satellina, swipe and tap to collect a stream of colorful descending particles, generating original soundscapes as you go. Get into a flow to beat your score, unlock new colors and music, and reach ever more dangerous speeds.


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Blokout is a super-fast, challenging and addictive high scoring puzzler. Quickly swap and match blocks to make rows and columns of the same color. Stay calm and react fast to avoid the Blokout. Create awesome combos, progress through the levels/time limits and get the highest score.

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Triple Town – Fun & addictive puzzle matching game

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Triple Town is an original puzzle game in which you try to grow the greatest possible city. The larger the city you build, the more points you score. You build your city by matching three or more game-pieces: combine three kinds of grass to make a bush, three bushes to make a tree until you’ve filled the board with houses, cathedrals and castles. Along the way, you’ll have to outwit giant bears who will try to block your progress.

Monument Valley

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In Monument Valley, you will manipulate impossible architecture and guide a silent princess through a stunningly beautiful world. Monument Valley is a surreal exploration through fantastical architecture and impossible geometry. Guide the silent princess Ida through mysterious monuments, uncovering hidden paths, unfolding optical illusions and outsmarting the enigmatic Crow People.

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Prune is a love letter to trees. A game about the beauty and joy of cultivation. With a swipe of a finger, grow and shape your tree into the sunlight while avoiding the dangers of a hostile world. Bring life to a forgotten landscape and uncover a story hidden deep beneath the soil.

Wrapping Up!

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