VR Games for HTC Vive-August 2018

Steam is full of VR games that support the HTC Vive. And they have a lot of exciting games coming this August! Here is our pick for the best upcoming VR Games for HTC Vive August 2018.

Dinosaur Hunter VR (31st August)

Have you ever been fascinated by Dinosaurs? What would you do if you get to keep a Dinosaur as your pet? Play all day with it? That will be the cutest thing to do! But what if you feel like killing some dinosaurs? Or maybe you want to get the vibe of a hunter who is out on a cruise chasing dinosaurs with a gun in your hands!

This exactly what you can do in Dinosaur Hunter VR, a VR game expected to release on 31st August.

In League (31st August)

You can play this game in three modes. Hunt, Slayer Coop, and Hostage mode. You will have a wide array of weapons, grenades, characters, and explosives to choose from. Furthermore, there is also the scope of adding additional parts to your weapon for enhanced functionality.

Also to win the In League you need to have a good team strategy. You get to choose which map you want to play in!

The Lost and Forgotten (31st August)

The story goes something like this, the main character of the game just had a serious breakup. Now, to rediscover himself he decides to take a trip to Mount Valley.

The Lost and Forgotten is a puzzle and adventure game which will not fail to surprise you at every turn of the game. The game is expected to release on 31st August.

Vengeful Rites (31st August)

Do you feel good when you defeat your rival at something? Well, if you do then Vengeful Rites is a perfect game for you! You will be facing the Evil Lord Dragore. And not only do you have to stop him from destroying the realm, but you have to kill him to establish lasting peace.

The game has a magical feeling to it! You will be running through ancient cities and infested mines to progress through the game. And spoiler alert, there are a lot of hidden treasures waiting to be found!

Wrapping Up!

Excited! You should be. Please let us know which VR game you are currently playing on HTC Vive? In the meantime here is a quick blog on how to Get Started With Air Console.

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