This $20 Device Can Hack Any Smart Car!

Smart cars are becoming increasingly common as more and more auto vendors use built-in computer systems in their vehicles. Security researchers have now devised an iPhone-sized $20 device which can essentially hack into any smart car.

CAN Hacking tool

It was only a matter of time before such a thing was conceived. In the past, we have read about many smart-car hacks but none of them is as easy or affordable as this one. Javier Vazquez-Vidal and Alberto Garcia Illera have created what they call a ‘CAN Hacking Tools (CHT)’ kit.

This kit, comprising of different components, is nearly the size of an iPhone and is ultra-cheap at the cost of a mere $20. CHT essentially uses Controller Area Network (CAN) ports which are available on the computer systems of smart cars. These ports are used to inject a malicious code into the system of the car. The code enables the attacker to remotely access and manipulate the controls of the car such as the movement of its steering, the locking and unlocking of its doors, control of the front and rear lights and more.

According to Vidal, all an attacker needs to do is install the code. He can then remotely control the car whenever he wants. In his own words, ‘It can take five minutes or less to hook it up and then walk away.¬†We could wait one minute or one year, and then trigger it to do whatever we have programmed it to do.’

For now, the device relies on Bluetooth connectivity to communicate with the compromised vehicle. But the creators behind this device are trying to add support for GSM cellular radio. If that becomes possible, it would mean that you can easily access and control a hacked car from miles away.

Source: Forbes

Courtesy: The Hacker News

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