Be Aware! Hackers Can Steal Your Keyless BMW In Just 3 Minutes

The luxurious car maker BMW may boast about their cars and the security features of the same, but they have yet to learn a lot about car security. A recent video posted in a forum shows how hackers have taken control of a keyless BMW in 3 minutes without setting off the alarms. Car owners are at risk of losing their cars similarly, but is the renowned car maker doing enough to give them a peace of mind? They don’t seem to take much action except acknowledging the security flaw.

Keyless BMW Theft

The video of thieves stealing a keyless BMW was posted on 1Addicts, presumably by the owner (residing in UK) of the stolen car. He apprehends the hackers used a device that plugged into the car’s On-Board Diagnostic (ODB) port to program a new unlocking code.

At first the hackers deactivated the car’s sensor. Then they broke the driver’s window. The internal ultrasonic sensor system had a “blind spot” just in front of the OBD port. The OBD port remained powered up, even when the car was off. The OBD port did not require a password. It is clear that the hackers can get full access without entering the car.

BMW has acknowledged the security flaw. But it is unclear that what type of actions the company has taken about resolving the security issue.

Source: ZDNet

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