Cars On Streets In 2050 Will Run Autonomously And Need No Fossil Fuels

In the past few years, car makers have engaged themselves bringing new cars, equipped with stylish design and fabulous tech. As many of the stylish cars in the mean time, have impressed a lots of people, so many questions have already risen like “What will the cars of 2050 look like?”, “What will power them?”, “Will they even have a steering wheel?” However, based on the advanced technology, it’s been reported that cars on streets in 2050 will be running autonomously and need no fossil fuels.

Cars In 2050

In the mean time, many car companies have told that some cars of 2020 will be running autonomously. These cars will be electric vehicles (EV) and will be connected to the internet too. But, all the car makers have agreed that autonomous cars would rule the roads by 2040. It has been predicted that there will be more than 3 billion vehicles on the planet in 2050 and all the cars will be autonomous. Following that dream, companies have started to create concept of such autonomous cars that will be able to run at very high speed in 2050 with no accidents.

Although the cars will be autonomous, there will be manually driven option in each car, if by any chance, the autonomous option gets malfunctioned. When the manual driving option will be ‘engaged,’ a driving wheel will automatically appear before the driver. In some cases, instead of driving wheel, joystick may appear. A display will also automatically appear through which drivers will be able to know next turning point along with angle, distance between cars and many more.

There’s a possibility that many of these cars may equip Siri and create a virtual personal assistants in the car to help drivers with routes, traffic information, and the scheduling the day. In fact, it is being said that the vehicles that will be running on the streets in 2050 will be fully integrated into the digital lifestyle of 2050.

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Source: BBC

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