Japanese Car Brands Bag Highest Reliability Ratings From Consumers

Ford Motor has been amid the top few positions in reliability ratings only a few years ago. However, Japanese brands have apparently become increasingly popular among the consumers who now prefer them to other vendors.

Toyota Lexus

Reliability ratings essentially hinge upon a whole lot of things, ranging from the luxury of a vehicle to its ease of use, reliability in real time and other things. Ford was once known to be the hallmark of the best in all these realms. However, the U.S. company has gradually slid down the list over the years.

Right on top of the list, Japanese brands sit smugly with the consumers rating them highest for their performance. Scion, for instance, is at the first position and is closely followed by Lexus. Both are Toyota’s vehicles and the company has been able to grab the top three positions on the reliability ratings list.

According to analysts, one of the possible reasons why the likes of Ford have lost points is because the company redesigned a number of its vehicles over the recent years. The redesign wasn’t exactly a hit and didn’t sit well with the consumers. Consequently, Ford lost its superior ranking. It has slid down so low that in the list of worst-ranked brands, it’s on the second place, coming after only Jaguar.

The best overall rating across all the brands was scooped by Toyota’s Prius C Hybrid subcompact car. Japanese brands have focused their energies on creating such car which bring true value to the consumers, in terms of ease, convenience and reliability.

Source: WSJ

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