Apple, Samsung und andere erneut wegen Grafikeigenschaften verklagt

Graphics Properties Holdings is the same company which took over Silicon Graphics in 2009, just when the latter was on the verge of bankruptcy. With this acquisition, Graphics Properties was able to get 60 issued US patents. And ever since then, Graphics Properties has been trying to leverage these patents to sue smartphone vendors over their designs, without much success. Now, it has launched another spree of lawsuits against Apple, Samsung, Sony, RIM, HTC, LG and Sony.


From the list above, it is fairly obvious that the lawsuit filed by Graphics Properties are trying to target every major smartphone vendor and are simply a way to generate another revenue stream for the company. The suit has been filed in the U.S. District Court in Wilmington, Delaware.

The company has a history of filing lawsuits against the very same smartphone vendors. It filed them against Sony, Apple and Dell back in 2010, continued with even more lawsuits in 2011 and seems to have grown a habit of doing so now that we are in 2012.

In this fresh lawsuit, the company is alleging that iPhone, Evo 4G, Torch, Thrill, Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Xperia devices are infringing upon the patents owned by it. As ludicrous as this claim may seem, it will still have to undergo legal scrutiny and that will take it a while. Meanwhile, since the company doesn’t seem to have much up its sleeve, it is very unlikely that any of these companies will go for an out-of-court settlement.

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