A Magnetic Ring Equipped Calender From South Korea

New year is coming. No doubt you are going buy a calender; if possible with innovative and exceptional designs. On the other side, designers always try to bring some new designs for calender. However, South Korean designer Jeong Yong has designed a conceptual and unique calender called ‘ONE‘. It is a magnetic ring equipped calender. Do you want to see it?

ONE Calender

The calender ONE has three rings – one showing date; one showing month and the last one showing day. The largest ring carries 31 dates, the smaller ring (It is placed in the middle) carries 12 months and the smallest ring comes with the name of 7 days of  a week.


The most amazing thing of ONE is each ring contains magnet inside its body. To be more specific, magnets are located behind each number or name that allows the rings to join in any combination.

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Source: PSFK

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