Elon Musk Reveals More Details Of Hyperloop

Remember we reported Colorado-based company Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies (ET3) has planned to build a futuristic high-speed tube train that would take us from New York to Los Angeles in 45 minutes? The company later announced that it would start testing a super fast 3-mile hyperloop transport system this year. However, yesterday Elon Musk, the person behind this fabulous concept revealed more details of high-speed transportation system in a blog.

Hyperloop Transport System

Elon Musk has mentioned that the high-speed transportation system (he calls is the Hyperloop) will be able to transport people as well as cars inside aluminum pods and it will move up to 800 mph through a tube. The tubes would be mounted on columns 50 to 100 yards apart but it would not be interfered with land needs because it would essentially follow major highways.

Musk has also mentioned that Hyperloop will be built in such a way that it would be operated unscheduled and weather condition would never be a problem for the system. He avouched Hyperloop would not “crash.” It has been designed to link densely populated cities less than 1,000 miles apart.

At present, ET3 is hardly trying to materialize the concept as soon as possible. There’s no doubt that Hyperloop, if ever be built in real life, would bring a revolution in the transportation system. For more details, see the sources.

Source: Discovery, Business Week

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  1. Tsais

    what a great idea…

  2. AL_Nemesis

    It would “not crash” like the Titanic wouldn’t sink… okay. If built in places with earthquakes, what does one suppose will happen if there’s a 7.0 magnitude earth quake when this is running?

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