Android 3.1 Coming With Adobe Flash Player 10.2 Support

Adobe has announced that Adobe Flash 10.2 Player for Android is now available through Android Market as a final release. In the list of changes, Adobe mentions “Hardware accelerated video presentation” and “Enhanced browser integration for Honeycomb tablets”, and both apparently require a little something called Android 3.1.

Below are the results of test performed by Droid-Life :

In the case of the Motorola Droid 2′s 1GHz OMAP3 chipset, quite noticeable boost in framerate when playing a YouTube trailer at 480p. Incredible results came in when the Nvidia Tegra 2-powered Motorola Xoom was tested, the video run perfectly amazing, and thought it’s worth mentioning that the tablet had some problems rendering 720p content.

In case of Tegra 2, Adobe added that the hardware rendering will be added in an upcoming release, meaning that 720p playback will become really smooth and can give you an enjoyable level.

With this new release CPU utilization has been optimized which resulted in greater battery life and enhanced performance. If you want to play 720 HD video playback on your mobile devices you will need to have Android 3.1 and Flash10.2 on your device.


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