Android 5.0 Code-Named ‘Jelly Bean’, Rumored To Launch In Q2 This Year

Although iOS devices keep the crown for staying on top both in tablet and smartphone market, Android devices are gaining traction very fast and many experts have projected them as being the imminent winner in the long-run. Also, the market of Android devices is expanding literally by millions by each passing month. So it is only natural that world looks very eagerly towards Google for new Android OS releases. It is now being rumored that Google may release Android 5, code-named ‘Jelly Bean’ some time in Q2.

That is only one part of the rumor. Another interesting part of the rumor claims that Google intends to launch Android 5 also for netbook and laptop market. This can also mean that perhaps Google is trying to bring together Android OS and Chrome OS to create an operating system which can be functional for laptops and notebooks.

Another claim  made by DigiTimes, who originally slated the Android 5 release to be in Q2, is that soon, the hardware manufacturers will be able to build tablet devices which can tool two operating systems, Android 5 and Windows 8, at the same time. Also, users will be able to switch between the two different operating system, without having to reboot the system. This will make these new systems in contrast to the older system which did support two different operating systems but had to be rebooted to make the switch.

However, one thing that clearly goes against DigiTimes claim for the release date of Android 5 is the fact that some hardware vendors haven’t updated some of their devices even with Android 4. So if Google decides to release Android 5, this can put those hardware vendors into trouble.

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