Android Apps Review:Dialer One

Dialer One is a very useful application for android device. This is a great upgrade from the standard dialer. So you will multilingual T9 dialer application. This apk Support contact selection from the address books in following languages: EN, RU, DE, HE, RO, PO, CZ, SE, GR, FR, UA, CN. Localizations so far: English,Russian, Ukrainian, Speed dial etc.

*Speed dial
*Call log grouped by contact
*Send contact
*Swipe between screens
*Tone dial
*Export calls
*Simultaneous search on calls and contacts on two languages
Latest version: to disable simultaneous search; Option to change shadow effects on keypad; Bug fixes (for Android version 2.1 and higher). Missed call opens stock call log and now supporting all nice functions added in 2.0 contacts plus it is lightweight. Support USSD requests. This application is available on Android Market. So try it.
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  1. john

    Is this dialer pause/extension aware? can it recognize and dial a conference bridge from an email or web page like a blackberry?
    Example – blackberry can dial 18005551212×12345. Action: Blackberry dials the number. Blackberry prompts to continue dialing the extension (click) or not. This allows mobile users to join teleconferences without having to remember / write down passcodes etc, AND also allows you to dial in to messaging systems without having to remember what extension or passcode you must dial to retrieve your message.

    FYI the above functionality works on ALL other mobile platforms, including just plain ‘not smart’ phones.

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