Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Android at it’s best

Samsung Galaxy Nexus has finally shipped out so that tech gurus are laying their hands on it to produce the latest reviews. And so far, the reviews have been very positive. With new looks, better OS and more intelligent user interface options, this phone is called the best one by Android so far.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is here. And with a bang! It has a huge screen,  4.65 inches diagonally and is running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The interface has been revamped to include a lot of new, and better, changes. The best part about Galaxy Nexus is that it is the first serious attempt by Google at making Android OS easy to use for an average user. And this phone has pretty much accomplished this goal.

Exciting new features:
As we reported earlier, Galaxy Nexus comes with a facial recognition unlock feature. You can unlock your home screen by your face in front of your camera. The screen will also unlock is you use a photo or through the face of someone who looks like you. As far as security is concerned, facial recognition lock is very weak. But for those people who casually lock their phones but are annoyed at having to unlock it every time by entering some password or PIN, facial recognition is convenient and more fun to use.

Old buttons gone, new buttons in place:
In all previous Android phones, the home screen hosts four buttons, namely Back, Home, Menu and Search. But Google claimed that its studies show that very few users have ever used the search button. So in Galaxy Nexus, the four buttons are gone and in their place are three buttons: now you get Home, Back and App swticher button. In the place of Menu, you get an Action Bar now. Action Bar contains the key features for an app so you can easily access them on the app screen.

Overall, Galaxy Nexus hosts a whole lot new features and exciting upgrades on Android. And according to a number of analysts, it’s the best mobile so far from the Android front.

Image Courtesy gillyberlin.

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