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Android Phone Users Have Dangerous Surfing Habits

In a recent research by a security firm, it has been claimed that Android users live a rather dangerous online life compared to Apple users. According to the report, Android users tend to visit hacking-related and other illegal sites more often than Apple users. Also, Android users are very comfortable with downloading apps from non-authorized websites.

Android users live dangerously:
The report has been compiled based on the content of 50-million real-time data collection systems. The company that compiled the report, Websense Labs, says that the results of the report clearly show that Android users are dangerous players while Apple users play it safe. It says that it has been found that Android users tend to surf dangerous website more often; websites that can cause real security problems. Also, Android users are more drawn to illegal websites such hacking forums etc. The stats show that Android users visit security-risk websites six times more than that of other mobile users. Also, the hacking sites are visited by Android users eight times more than common mobile users.

One can see that the trend is not very surprising. Apple users are brand-conscious users who stick to apps from Apple’s AppStore and these users stay away from nearly all other non-AppStore websites with apps. On the contrary, Android spearheads the open-source movement and this movement necessarily involves people who are technically sound and more ready to dare into tricky waters. So it’s natural for a common Android user, who will most probably be a technologically-learned fellow, to visit malicious sites and run security risks.

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