Google Android 3.2 Honeycomb On Its Way

Google is busy releasing new versions of it’s Android operating system which it hopes will give ammunition to other tablet makers in the battle against Apple and this android update is made to run on a range of devices with a fixed screen size no longer being a creative barrier for its manufacturing partners. Google hopes this could be a notable difference that might encourage some to try non-Apple based tablet devices and android 3.2 honeycomb features support for Qualcomm processors; bug fixes; better hardware acceleration; updates for movie studio, movies, music and widgets…………


Google may have just introduced Android 3.1 last month at Google I/O, but that doesn’t mean that we’ll be waiting long for the next big version of Honeycomb to land. Originally mentioned earlier today in Huawei‘s announcement of the MediaPad, a report from This is my next and three of the site’s sources has revealed that Android 3.2 is indeed the real deal. The update will reportedly be rolled out to current tablets like the Motorola XOOM in the next few weeks with new 7-inch devices landing in August. So what kind of features will Android 3.2 sport? According to This is my next, here’s what we can expect in 3.2:

  • Ability to run on a “range” of display sizes
  • Support for Qualcomm processors
  • Bug fixes
  • Better hardware acceleration
  • Updates for Movie Studio, Movies, Music, and widgets

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Android 3.2 is said to be the final version of Honeycomb that’ll be released before Ice Cream Sandwich arrives. It’s kind of surprising to hear that Google may be planning to roll out an update to 3.2 so soon after 3.1 debuted. It looks like Google still has some work to do in its pursuit for tackling the iPad beast.



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