Angry Birds Gets Update With 45 New Levels

Angry Birds is the most selling games in the android market.Rovio has released an update to the Angry Birds application that brings 45 new levels as well as various bug fixes including QVGA support and support for more Android devices.In addition to those fixes some Android optimizations have been made as well to ensure the game will run better.

The new version fixes the issue on devices running Android 1.6 on which the screen used to go blank and has brought improved graphics to devices having small QVGA screens.On the same lines, Rovio has also opened pre-orders for Angry Birds plush toys.

The large setup of the updated Angry Birds is now available from the Android Market. The update is free as with its iPhone counterpart.


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  1. Angw37

    I did the update and nothing happened

  2. Bounce0590

    Same here…:-/

  3. B

    I did the update. No change. Very strange. No new levels, nothing.

  4. Melissamoore

    Just did one now and nothing happened aswell 🙁

  5. Aileendevine

    I also did the update and nothing happened!

  6. Asd-sad-sda

    me 2 🙁

  7. Angry Birds Online

    Angry birds is really an addicting game. I have it on my iPod Touch, iPad and in my Nokia cellphone. Everywhere I go, I play angry birds. Even in the plane… attendants told me not to use cellphones. But I am so hard headed. I am just gaming. haha

  8. John

    That is because you have to wait about five minutes. I know it suck and it haPpened to me too. Good luck

  9. Angry Birds Online

    Angry Birds has turned into a worldwide gaming mega hit but how do farmville enter into lifestyle? Rovio is the name from the company that created angry birds, however, it’s not the first game these people created. Surprisingly they have been creating games for quite some time however had just never damaged through into the popular how they did along with upset wild birds. The concept for the sport came into being in 2009 once the company was looking at different ideas for video games that they believed could gain popularity. It had been an easy idea created through a few drawings associated with wingless as well as legless wild birds that have been angry.

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