CyanogenMod 7.0.2 Has Released

Just two weeks in after the official release of CM7 the CyanogenMod team has released a CM v7.0.2, which fixes a lot of bugs, and brings support for the Motorola Droid. The bug fixes include some GPS issues and proximity sensor issues, which most of the CM7 users were facing.


* Common: Fix issue with missing built-in themes
* Common: Update bundled ROM Manager to latest version
* Supersonic: Actually fix GPS
* Supersonic: Fix proximity and light sensor


* Common: Fix fling velocity of status bar and ADW swipe – Sven Dawitz
* Common: Fixed webview layout bug (issue 3229) – Zinx
* Common: Fix GVoice-opens-twice bug – Zinx
* Common: Fix issues on all devices with DNS resolution failure after some time – Zinx, various
* Common: RTL improvements – Eran Mizrahi, Eyad Aboulouz
* Common: Fix crashes in Arabic locale – Eyad Aboulouz
* Common: Add Arabic keylayout – Eyad Aboulouz
* Common: Improve ADWLauncher scrolling/zoom performance – Pavel Kucera
* Common: Fix excessive memory use when appending to textviews – Cyanogen
* Common: New wallpapers from the CM community (CC License, see app for credits)
* Common: Option to disable vibration while in-call – Evan Charlton
* Common: Add long press option to status bar widgets for settings – Alex Avance
* Common: Compact carrier and status bar tweaks – Nihanth Subramanya, rorifree
* Sholes: Fix connectivity loss bug – cvpcs
* Speedy: Fix keyboard lights – JD Horelick
* Glacier: Fix backlights – Zinx
* Glacier: fix GPS issues – Zinx/QCom
* msm7x30: Fix bugs during video resume – Zinx
* qsd8x50: Fix 720p video playback
* qsd8x50: Unified 2.6.37 kernel – Cyanogen, toastcfh, slayher
* Espresso, Legend: WiFi fix (HTC)
* Supersonic: Fix GPS issues (HTC)
* msm7227: Fix GPS issues – Alex Hofbauer
* Click: Fix recovery kernel and compilation. Now works well with latest code – KalimochoAz
* Click: Speed up internet connection – KalimochoAz
* Blade: Update kernel to match Gen2 Radio – kallt_kaffe
* Blade: Update libaudio to fix SIP audio routing and microphone mute – Tom Giordano

The new release can be easily installed through the ROM Manager. Users running the stable version on their devices should receive a notification when the update is available for them.

Those who haven’t installed the software before should know that it requires the rooting of the phone, which would result in voided warranty. They would be the only ones responsible in case anything goes wrong during the installation process.

Downloads: DROID | Incredible


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