DoubleTwist For Android

DoubleTwist for Android adds AirTwist and it stream music,photos and videos to the Xbox and PlayStation 3.DoubleTwist is a slick way to transfer your media library across platforms and it just got even slicker with the addition of Android-to-Xbox-360 and Android-to-PS3 syncing………

DoubleTwist announced the availability of AirTwist in a major update to the popular DoubleTwist AirSync Android app giving users the freedom to enjoy their photos, videos and music on any TV connected to an Xbox or PlayStation 3.After enabling the AirTwistoption in the doubleTwist app, the user’s device will automatically appear on the Xbox or PS3 and their media can instantly be enjoyed on the big screen.DoubleTwist has created a powerful media platform consisting of native apps running on Android, Mac and Windows for enabling users to not only seamlessly share their photos, videos and music among their phones, tablets and computers, but also subscribe to podcasts, andlisten to online radio. The recently launched doubleTwistAirSync Android app added the ability to wirelessly sync media between users’ Android phones and the doubleTwist desktop application. AirTwist further enhances the platform by enabling users to initially use these two games consoles to play music, photos and video on TVs, but with support for a wide range of DLNA compatible devices added in future updates.doubleTwistAirTwist is available today as a free upgrade through the Android Market to all doubleTwistAirSync users for devices running Android 1.6 and above. It will also be made available in the Amazon and Verizon app stores. Support for additional DLNA devices beyond the Xbox and PS3 is coming soon.

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