ES Task Manager 1.1.2 Is Essential For Your Android Device

ES Task Manager 1.1.2 is a very useful apps for your android phones. ES is basically a task manager through which you can see that, the apps are running on your phone. So using this apps you can kill the unnecessary running programs. That will make your device much faster.

Not only that by killing your unnecessary running programs it helps you to save your battery life and make your device memory free, close everything. There also options to uninstalling apps so you can easily uninstall unnecessary apps and add important app to ignore list that you want to avoid to be killed.

There are some new features on V1.1.2 are
*App2sd(NOT all phone can WIDGET on SD)
*Layout change
*Fix minor bug
*ignore list.
So Download now on your android device through Android Market. This Apps is totally free to download. Open your Android market search ES Task Manager 1.1.2 and install. Its so simple. Please leave comment about your experience.

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