Facebook Launches Droidfood Campaign, Encouraging Employees To Use And Test Android

The era of smartphones that we have come to live in pretty much started with Apple’s iPhone which was initially considered the hallmark of perfection. No wonder, a majority of Facebook employees switched to iPhone back then. But now the social network is trying to convince them to adapt Android instead.


Facebook has a fairly solid reason to do so. Its user base is fast shifting to the mobile platform which is fairly fragmented between iOS and Android users. So to be able to dish out quality mobile apps, the company needs to know everything it can about both iPhone and Android handsets.

That is why Facebook is trying to convince its employees to take a switch to Android. To that end, the company has launched ‘Droidfooding’ campaign and related posters have been hung all around the Facebook facilities, encouraging employees to move to Android.

The aim of this campaign is to have enough Android handsets in the hands of Facebook employees, enough for testing and checking out bugs in new apps. Once an employee has an Android handset, Facebook keeps updating it with the latest beta iterations of its Facebook-related apps for Android.

This is done even if the employee may not want to update. The primary purpose is to let the employee use these beta versions and to get a hands-on experience of how good the apps are. In case an employee identifies a bug, he/she can simply log it through ‘Rage Shake.’ Rage Shake means an employee simply has to violently shake his handset and the details of the bug are automatically sent to the testing team.

It is a really cool and convenient way of logging a bug instantly. By having hundreds of employees testing its Android apps in real-time, Facebook can certainly bolster the quality of these apps. And so, it is no wonder that the company is so insistent on the Android-adoption campaign.

Courtesy: Tech Crunch

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