Leaked Screenshots Show Galaxy S4 Running Android 4.3

Samsung recently revealed that it will soon be pushing out the Android 4.3 update to both Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 handsets. The company is due to roll out the update next month. Meanwhile, leaked screenshots of Galaxy S4 have now surfaced, showing the handset running Android 4.3.

Galaxy S4

Samsung didn’t provide a solid date for the actual release of the update, so at best we can surmise that it will come out some time during the next month. However, it would appear that somebody already has access to a Galaxy S4 handset running Android 4.3.

Leaked screenshots of a Galaxy S4 handset have now hit the web. The screenshots show the device to be an octa-core i9500 model which is shown running Android 4.3. Although the new Android release doesn’t pack a whole lot, it certainly has some minor improvements and looks really good while running on the S4 handset.

One of the most important features of Android 4.3 is that it carries support for Galaxy Gear, Samsung’s very own smartwatch. The company seems all set to bring together its Android handsets and the new smartwatch so as to create a demand for the new product.

It’s unclear whether or not these screenshots are authentic. In the past, such leaked screenshots have turned out to be true over the course of time. It is quite possible that someone testing the new firmware release on the S4 handset simply snapped a few shots and posted it online. Either way, we will get to know exactly how Android 4.3 looks on an S4 device once Samsung rolls out the update next month.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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