Android Gmail App Updated With Microsoft Exchange Support

Google has released a new update on Gmail app for Android and now it supports Microsoft Exchange accounts over all devices. Gmail app has just opened up the doors for all non-Google email accounts.


If you want to have your work email right from the Gmail app, without switching any app then this update is awesome for you. Gmail app for Android got the ability to add Microsoft exchange on all devices. While adding a new account to Gmail app, you will see a dedicated Exchange option at the lower part of the list.

Previously, Gmail for Android supported Microsoft Exchange only on Nexus devices. But the latest version of Gmail app will provide the feature on all Android devices. It will also cover mail, calendar data as well as contacts over the all devices. Google stated, “Now, whether you’re on Google Apps or Exchange, you can use the Gmail app on any Android device to send and receive mail.

However, the Gmail app update might not available yet for everyone right now, for this reason you might have to wait to move your connection. By that time, you can check the update of Google Drive on the web which has got Chrome notifications. Now you will get notification right from Chrome whenever someone shares files with you or requests access.

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