Gmail For Android To Gain Pinch-To-Zoom and Swipe-To-Delete Features

A report by Android Police earlier this week has exposed Google’s plans for its upcoming release of Gmail for Android. According to the report, Gmail will be updated with a pinch-to-zoom and swipe-away deletion feature. The update is unreleased and is labeled Gmail 4.2 for Android.

Gmail for Android 4.2

The pinch-to-zoom functionality that’s to be gained by Gmail 4.2 was a desired feature by much of the Gmail population — it will allow users to zoom-in on emails to enhance the viewing process. The swipe-to-delete function (featured above), will allow users to delete emails quick and easily with a simple left or right swipe gesture.

Another feature, one that will be used less frequently, is the ability to mark emails as a ‘phishing attempt,’ akin to spam emails. Watch the video below to see these features in action:

Google hasn’t¬†officially¬†released or announced Gmail 4.2 yet, but if you’re on a rooted Android 4.0+ device you can install the APK (Android Application Package) to gain early access. Official instructions can be found by clicking here to install the unreleased-Gmail 4.2 application.

Source: BGR

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