Google Announces App To Help You Track Lost Android Handsets

Apple has long extended support to its customers in the form of services which help them locate their lost iOS devices. A similar service has been long due on the Android platform and now, Google has finally announced an app which will help Android users locate their lost handsets.

Android Device Manager

The search giant has announced that it will soon dish out an app which, when coupled with certain online services, will help the users find their lost Android handsets. The service will also let the users protect the data on their handsets even if they are unable to recover them.

Google has termed the combination of this app and the accompanying services as Android Device Manager (ADM). To help you locate a handset, ADM will direct it to make loud noises. This helps if you have misplaced the handset somewhere at your place.

To trigger the noise, all you will need to do is log into ADM through a Google account and choose the ‘Ring’ option. Even if the handset was on silent mode, this will set it to the maximum volume and it will start ringing. If, however, the handset is not in close proximity, ADM can help you locate its position with the help of Google Maps. Of course, this locational data wouldn’t be too precise and for it to work, the handset must be turned on.

Finally, if you have no chances of recovering the handset, you can still use ADM to wipe it of all the data, thus minimizing your damages. For now, Google hasn’t divulged the exact release schedule of the app, but reports indicate that it will arrive as part of an update to the Google Play app.

Courtesy: The Register

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