Google Translate For Android Gets Support For 13 More Languages

Google Translate is an excellent app for the travelers who are frequently required to understand or communicate in different foreign languages. The Android version of the app has now received support with recognition of 13 more languages.

Google Translate

There are both an iOS and an Android app for Google Translate. The update containing support for new languages was first rolled out to the iOS users of the app. And now, not too later, Google has rolled out the same update to the Android version of the app.

The languages that are now supported by the service are primarily from Middle East and southern Asia. You can, for instance, type in Persian, Arabic, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati and Kannada in Google Translate now. Moreover, support for other languages such as Maltese, Mongolian, Somali, Cebuano, Bosnian and Hmong is also here.

The service is very useful if you are usually on the go. It lets you type down stuff and have it translated which can be critically helpful in understanding directions on the roads or even in communicating with the local populace. And the more languages are supported by Google Translate, the better this tool gets.

You can download the updated Google Translate for Android here.

Source: Google Play

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