Google Will Pay Oracle $0 In Statutory Damages Over Java Patents Case

The case between Google and Oracle has pretty much come to an end except for Oracle. While others deemed the case as unlikely to bring any good to Oracle, Oracle still proceeded with it and the result is that it was allowed statutory damages, to a very minute tune, by the court to get from Google. In essence, Oracle lost the case. However, Oracle isn’t ready to give up yet.

Originally, Oracle had plans of getting a share in the Android profits, something which did seem ludicrous and that’s precisely it was called by the judge. On Monday, legal teams of both Google and Oracle met at U.S. District Court. The session was intended to clean up financial issues between the two.

Despite being allowed statutory damages, Oracle has decided to ask Google to pay $0 in statutory damages. Judge William Alsup asked if there was a catch here. However, there is one. Oracle is simply trying to facilitate the progress of the case so that it could end quickly and then Oracle could file for an appeal.

The other point that was discussed during this session was that Google has 14 days to file an application to ask Oracle to pay for its legal administrative costs. It is being said that Google may even ask Oracle to pay for its lawyers but we can’t be sure if that’s what Google is going to do.

Finally, the damages phase of the case has not happened so far but both companies have indeed hired lawyers to estimate what is the overall worth of the case.

Source: ZDNet

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