Google’s Hopes To Bring Android Market To China May Prove Futile

China is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative markets for all tech companies right now. With a population well over one billion, every tech company wants to cash on such as large customer base. Google pulled out of China earlier due to issues of censorship. But it seems like Google wants to be in again, hoping to expand the Android Market to the huge Chinese user base. However, sources say that this move may be futile and it will still take a lot of time before Google reaches some agreement with Chinese authorities.

Android Market is fast becoming a financial asset for Google. With an increase of millions to the total number of smart-phone users every year, Google has a huge stake in the success of Android systems. And for that reason, Google really wants to enter China so that the billions of users there can access Android Market and be an active part of Google’s ecosystem.

Last week, Wall Street Journal published a report which stated that Google was hoping to bring Android Market to China. But this week, sources which are directly involved with this matter have divulged that the talks between Google and Chinese authorities are far from successful. In fact, it said that the talks are still ‘exploratory’. And that simply means for now, the possibility of Google entering China again is quite far-fetched.

The problem on which both parties are most probably locked has to do with censorship. Google supports the right of developers to produce any app they want and put it into the Android Market. Once the app has been approved, it may be reviewed and removed, if found to be violating Google’s regulations. But Chinese authorities, on the other hand, may want to review an app before it is approved. This is the likely stand-off right now.

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