HTC Planning Bigger Beyond Smartphones

The Taiwanese Mobile Company is stepping up beyond the manufacturing of Smartphones. You all know HTC is one of the pioneer of lucrative and stylish Smartphones and Android is their flagship OS though the also make windows phones. They chose CES 2015 to demonstrate their future plans in this year. And they hinted about making home appliances and some entertainment devices which can be associated with the smartphones.

HTC Re; Image Courtesy: Vertexreport

It does not mean that they are done with mobile business. But they want to expand their business to grab the opportunity to use their brand value in the other electronics appliances which is quite obvious and expected for a giant company like HTC. “We can’t be in the ‘me-too’ business,” said Jeffrey Gattis, an executive marketing director for the emerging devices group.

To achieve that they have already revealed Re Camera. It’s a small, simple point-and-shoot video camera like a camcorder that’s ready to shoot when you pick it up. The Re connects to your mobile device via Wi-Fi with an assist from Bluetooth LE through Re app. Re app will be available in Android and iOS later this year.

So waiting for much more from HTC this year? Join in the comment section for what you want from HTC.

Courtesy: CNET

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