Hulu For Android

Google smartphone users been largely unable to access their favorite Hulu programs on the go,Hulu for Android coming soon and destined for select phones with Android 2.2, no firm release date yet…..


Adobe Flash made its way to Android smartphones, but unfortunately that did not grant access to Flash-based Hulu TV on Android phones and tablets. The good news is that this appears set to change very soon.According to Engadget, an eagle-eyed Engadget reader spotted this image at the company’s website, depicting a most unusual combo: an image of a Samsung Nexus S (which comes with Android 2.3) and a suggestion that Hulu Plus will be soon available on a subset of devices running Android 2.2.While it is still unknown which Android 2.2 phones will be getting Hulu Plus access, hints at CES by LG suggest that only Android phones which have DRM supported processors will be entitled access to Hulu and its protected content.No word yet on the future of Hulu and Google TV and at this point all we can say is that $100-off Google Nexus S deal currently available at Best Buy.



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