iAndroid Android Simulator For iPhone

Many iPhone-fan should ever be the operating system of competition have seen and iAndroid lies behind a simulator, which the Google OS on the iPhone brings. Comfortable it can be here as a kind of self-App Start and terminate if necessary and this application can be downloaded from the store Cydia , and you need to have jailbroken the iPhone where you want to install to work………..

iAndroid is a simulates the experience of Android , based on the interface HTC Sense in the famous Apple mobile and can be launched from the Home of iOS like any other, and brings a simulated application of it as access to the browser and Twitter, plus no more applications can be added. Android has been ported to the iPhone and jailbreak apps like Bootlace have made it easier to install the ported Android OS on a jailbroken iPhone to experience Google’s mobile operating system. But unfortunately they’re only available for iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G users. iAndroid has recently been released, which simulates Android on a jailbroken iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.x.x. iAndroid works like a native iPhone app that can be launched from iPhone’s homescreen, which simulates the look and feel of Android OS. Since it is not a port, you won’t be able to download apps from the Android Market etc. But iAndroid comes with a few pre-installed apps such as Facebook, Web browser, Camera app, Twitter and the Phone app that work quite well.



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