Larry Page Says Android Is About More Than Just Tablets

There have been a lot of rumors that Google may launch an Android tablet of its own some time soon. Whereas that remains a possibility, Google’s CEO Larry Page is of the view that the Android platform is not just about tablets, but about the entire ecosystem that surrounds this platform. This essentially means that Google will continue focusing on key features of this ecosystem such as Google Play and Android apps.

Larry Page was expressing these views during Google’s quarterly earnings conference call. Page was pretty clear on the fact that low-end Android tablets have been quite a success and that Google was not just about to ignore that fact.

According to him, ‘obviously there’s been a lot of success on some lower price tablets that run Android, maybe not the full Google version of Android.’ He was quite definitely referring to a recent success, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and other relatively successful tablets such as Nook tablet by Barnes & Noble.

Page did assert that Google is going to focus on this particular area, namely the low-end Android tablets. Whether or not this is an indirect indication of Google’s ambitions to ship out low-end Android tablets of its own, we can’t say. But Page did maintain that Google views the overall Android tablet and ecosystem as much more than just about tablets.

Speaking at the conference call, he stated, ‘I think people are going to get a lot more devices. We see kind of a convergence between all the services on those devices. Right now, I feel like each device you have is kind of a hassle to deal with. You’re thinking about each individual device. I think that’s not really right.

I think you’re going to have a pretty unified experience and a great experience, from user point of view, and you won’t have to manage all these devices. So I think you want to think about all these screens around you, working seamlessly and working well for you, and I think obviously tablets are important. We have Google TV. Big screens are important. Computers are important. Phones are important. All those devices are important, and I expect that they’ll work well together.’

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