Monitor,Block,Record User Activity and Set Restrictions on iPhone / iPod touch Using MobileNanny

Retina-X Studios has released a mobile monitoring/filtering software called Mobile Nanny.Mobile Nanny is the app for the ultimate paranoid parent. The application records and blocks any particular activity or game/app chosen by parents and can be set to timed schedules.

Monitor and block specific numbers from calls or SMS. Block websites and create time restrictions. The software can also record user activities including SMS text messages, call information and GPS locations. You can view logs on the device itself or in a secure online control panel. Monitor your child or employee with ease.

Other features include the ability for parents to login from the internet to view logs and GPS locations. There is also an anti-theft feature that allows the user to track the number of any SIM inserted to the device should it be lost or stolen.

To set up MobileNanny just follow the simple instruction..

Dial *11111. Springboard will respring and MobileNanny icon will appear.There you can open it up with code: *11111 and set things up with whatever restrictions and monitors you want turned on.Once you’re done, simply click the home button; icon will be hidden after a Springboard restart.

All of you need a jailbroken iPhone to install it.A one-year subscription to Mobile Nanny is priced at $49.99.
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  1. marty9999

     You may also want to look at McGruff SafeGuard Child Safe Browser.

    It is a look-alike for Safari, but provides a parent with full control of the categories of websites that can be visited and provides a summary of activity to the parent via email.

    Check out

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