New Version Of The Night Flier Now Available For Android

PageNet has released the latest version of The Night Flier game for Android. The game supports Android 2.2.1 and above. This adventure arcade game can be downloaded free from Google Play. In this new version of the game developers added two new locations and each location has 10 unique levels. PageNet is now working on another location that will be available in short time.

The Night Flier

The Night Flier has also three difficulty levels. You can choose easy mode rather than choosing the hard mode to play. Sergey Shpital, CEO of PageNet said, “Shop items are intended to make your journey more fascinating; shop provides you with skins, rockets, magnets, and masks; but they are not cure-all, one should use them wisely.”

At a glance, the new version of The Night Flier has –

  • Two new locations, each containing 10 levels.
  • New system of performing 3 stars on each level.
  • Shop with a lot of new items such as rockets, magnets, masks and skins was introduced.
  • Completely new system of achievements was created.

You can see the below video.

Image Gallery:

The Night Flier_1, image
The Night Flier_2, image
The Night Flier_03_en, image
The Night Flier_04_en, image
The Night Flier_05_en, image
The Night Flier_06_en, image

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