Skype For Android Has Updated To Fixed Security Flaw

Skype released a new version of its Android app to address security concerns. Skype has fixed the privacy vulnerability in its Android application that allowed malicious apps to harvest sensitive user data. The vulnerability has been addressed in the latest Skype for Android, Version, and the user data has been properly secured on the mobile device, Adrian Asher, chief information security officer at Skype, wrote on the Skype blog on April 20. The problem did not exist for Verizon customers.

One of the key new things that Skype for Android now has is 3G calling. If you don’t already know Verizon has had 3G calling for around a year on Skype while the rest of the United States carriers were left out. And some European carriers have been supporting 3G calling as well.

So 3G calling is a really huge feature since there aren’t WiFi hotspots everywhere, and a lot of the open WiFi hotspots aren’t that safe. But now you can use the safe and secure cell networks to call people with you Skype accounts. And that security problem has been fixed, so now other applications on your phone can’t access all of your important personal data.

Anyways if you want to run this new application you’ll need an Android phone with at least Android 2.1 but if you’re on a Galaxy S phone you’ll need at least Android 2.2 Froyo which at this point in time isn’t hard to run across. But if you’re phone is supported and you have Skype already installed you should be getting a notification about an update since it’s now available to all Android users.


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