No More Accident In The Street While Texting And Walking With ‘Transparent Screen’ Android App

How often is it that you bump into another person because your eyes were glued to that Android smartphone of your eyes and your were texting or tweeting? Most of us try to keep our hands off the device when on the street but sometimes, you just have to send that text. And it’s annoying to have to look at the road, then at the screen, then again at the road to keep view of things in case there’s an open manhole just right ahead. Here’s the solution for this: ‘Transparent Screen’ app gives you live view of the street through your camera as the background on your device’s screen.

This is how it works: The video from your camera is directly kept as the background of your device’s screen. Want to text? Do so without any fear, because in the background of your texting window, you will be able to see the road or the street too.

What’s even more awesome is the fact that you can tweak the settings of this app. For instance, if you are trotting slowly, you can adjust the settings accordingly. If you are sprinting at full-throttle, you can adjust settings accordingly so as to get a smooth view on your screen.

One little problem with it is that you may want to adjust the settings of this feature for every app you use. For instance, when switching from one app to another, you may have to change the settings of ‘Transparent Screen’ to make it work well enough. But well, that shouldn’t be much of a problem. When on the street, there’s barely any other app you may be running other than either twitter or texting. So it would be easy to switch between them once you get a hang of this new app.

You can download the app right away from Android Market for free.

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