OpenMobile Brings 300,000 Android Apps to Windows and Linux

The event that takes place these days in Las Vegas, yes we mean Consumer Electronics Show(CES), brings us overwhelming news about the next generation gadgets and technology tweaks. Now, the rave among CES visitors is an Open Mobile announcement unveiling their Application Compatibility Layer. The new technology allows porting more than 300,000 Android apps to any other platform, including Windows or Linux.

The new software is advertised as a barrier destroyer, capable to imitate Android run time environment with such accuracy that any app could run on other platform without any quality compromise. As the company’s official statement reads “In a cutthroat marketplace for mobile devices, it is virtually impossible to attract millions of customers without a vibrant apps ecosystem with hundreds of thousands of apps.” In addition, the software doesn’t drain the battery and doesn’t impact the overall performance of the device.

Also, OpenMobile lets the developers know that no additional effort will be required from them. App creators don’t have to modify their apps in order to make them available on other platforms. As reviewers already pointed out, Open Mobile’s announcement might bring new rules to the game and app environment might take steps to adapt to the new trend. An obvious consequence is that the competition in the mobile market will have to rely on other reason than apps resource.


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