Panasonic To Adopt Android As Operating System In Its Upcoming Cameras

The spokesperson for Panasonic UK, Barney Sykes, stated that though using Android may cause warranty vulnerability as users would be able to download anything, they are thinking to give Android a chance for their upcoming cameras.

Panasonic To Adopt Android

Using Android as the platform seems to be a double edged sword as on hand its bugs may cause errors in camera operation and on the other hand it gives the opportunity to download and use wide range of photography related apps. So the choice of using Android in cameras may see the light if bug and security issues are attended with extreme care.

Barney Sykes said TechRadar “One of the issues is that we have so much optical technology in the cameras, even in compacts, we have Leica lenses.”

Sykes continued “When you download something, it’s got to be able to work with the optics of the camera.”

“But it is very interesting, in particular when you look at some of the apps you can download, the filters, the effects you can make, it’s an interesting step. It’s always good to see innovation.”

Source: TechRadar

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