Root Samsung Galaxy S With Android 2.2 Froyo [How To]

To install many advanced apps that increases the usability of the device rooting is necessary.Rooting also allows you to install the One Click Lag Fix app that removes even the slightest lags you might encounter while using a Galaxy S, making it the fastest Android phone out there. It scores a staggering 2100-2300 points in Quadrant benchmark when running the official Android 2.1 build with LagFix installed.

Z4Root is a free android app that gives one-click rooting. We will now show you how to do rooting on Samsung Galaxy S with android 2.2 Froyo.

Follow these instructions:

1.Download and install “Z4root” by RyanZA. You can find it in Market or use QR code to scan and download the free app.

2.Reboot your android device.

3.Launch Z4root app.

4.Z4 Root gives you two options of rooting. Tap on “Permanent Root”.

5.The app will automatically do all the hard work of finding the exploit and giving you root access. During the process it will also install “Busybox”. If you are unaware of this term, it is a set of UNIX utilities packed into a single small executable file.

6.This will follow with following messages: “Acquiring root shell…” and “ Please wait while root operations complete…”. Don’t do anything at this point.

7.You phone will automatically reboot.

After reboot is complete, you will see a new icon “Superuser” in the screen. This means your device is successfully rooted.

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