Rumor: Android 2.3.4 Coming With FaceTime-like Video Calling

Video-calling has been available on Android for a while but only in its prime form – 3G video calls, which are charged by the minute by your carrier. Well, the latest rumor suggests that we’ll be getting Android 2.3.4 at the conference with baked-in video calling. The rumors come from a tweet from “someone who works with Samsung.

Have a look for yourself:

“Just had a video call using gmail on Nexus S. Impressive quality @googlenexus Gingerbread 2.3.4 #io2011″

The Twitter user in question, @MAFiA303 allegedly works with Samsung, though that’s as yet unconfirmed. If he is to be taken at his word though it appears Google is planning to bring built-in video calling to their mobile device operating system. No word yet on whether this would work over 3G or if a WiFi network would be required.


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