BAMF GingerBolt Sense 3.0 For The HTC Thunderbolt

Some folks over HTC Sense, there is some people out there who just simply do not like it. Well there is another one of those great things about the Android platform if you don’t like something, there is chances that someone will make a build of it that you will like. Such is the case for the HTC Thunderbolt this time around.

Das BAMF being one of the most popular ROMs for the Thunderbolt has now been stripped of most of its HTC Sense components and we’re left with BAMF GingerBolt Sense 3.0 stripped that makes use of the MR2.5 Gingerbread radio and other nice things such as the Das Bamf Toolkit. The developer behind this, TMZ Andrew, has posted the nitty gritty details in the Android Central forums so if you’re looking to go senseless on your Thunderbolt may you certainly want to check it out and be sure of share some comment!
BAMF GingerBolt Sense 3.0 in the Android Central Forums

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